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Milestone surpassed!   Over 60,000 gifts delivered to over 100 medical centers nationwide. Delivering Hope and Comfort During the Pandemic with our New Book: Love & Peace!  “These books are gorgeous, inspirational, and comforting! Much appreciated by all.” ~ Sibley Memorial Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine From the bottom of my heart, I would also like to […]

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We hope to inspire you to explore your feelings through different forms of expression and perhaps reflect upon the poetry of others, which you may find inspirational. You may find that poetry, or words and images of any kind, can come to you at all times of the day and night, and you should always […]

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from the book Beloved Spirit Treasure a love that burns so fine It defies the rule and passage of time; Deeper than the sea, softer than a song, Desire sees no fault in rapture sublime. Like a single white star emerging at night In the vastness of an immortal joy, The dream will survive in […]

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from the book Beloved Spirit Give of the heart when the world is breaking, See new horizons though sight is fading. Love with the secret currents of passion, Connect with strands of sorrow’s compassion. Though lies and despair may pervade the air, Weeping rains pour into rivers of grief, Human valor may flow up from […]

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from the book Beloved Spirit On a night when the course of life is run, And the heart and the light at last entwine, The beauty of all the world now unfolds In breathless grace only faith may define. In this instant’s bliss, when innocence thrives, And stars hang so low as to touch the […]

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from the book Beloved Spirit Rise to the heavens in search of reprieve, protected from the darkness of earth’s pain; Leap past the boundaries of wild despair to a limitless sky of no restrain. Even as the Sphinx sees beyond man’s plight toward a sageness unfound on this plane, Stretch out the mind to recover […]

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from the book Beloved Spirit Let the heart be drawn through darkest held cares to a field of peace the Lord now prepares. Set free the spirit from captive ordeal toward a realm of beauty the stars reveal. Discern in the daily stabbings of pain a gift that allows fulfillment to reign. Follow reflective traces […]

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from the book Beloved Spirit Fall from fortune is without pity’s touch In the cold, devastating break of day; The loss is such as to tear all feeling From a soul bereft of safety’s kind way. Yet hope may be found in the heart’s own strength Still stalwart and true on its lonely perch; Persevere […]

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Children of Pain

from the book Heavenly Order Where goes this icy dagger But deep within my heart, To cut and tear with cruel intent And break my soul apart? Where can I find a refuge From relentless searing pain, When all about are shreds of truth I struggle with in vain? Where are the drops of wisdom […]

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Garden of Light

from the book Healing Light May each day of my life be like a drop of rain That touches the earth with no intent to gain. May my ideals be like roses in a garden of light That extend to the sun with true valor in sight. May my actions be as bright as a […]

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