from the book Beloved Spirit

Let the heart be drawn through

darkest held cares

to a field of peace

the Lord now prepares.

Set free the spirit from

captive ordeal

toward a realm of beauty

the stars reveal.

Discern in the daily

stabbings of pain

a gift that allows

fulfillment to reign.

Follow reflective

traces of belief

to chart a course beyond

earth’s lowly grief.

Achieve a foundation for

life’s greatest good,

build on the sorrow

the soul has withstood.

Flow into the world

of boundless creation,

and see the One’s

divine inspiration.

Selected Verses

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  • Words of Appreciation

    "I want to express my sincere thanks for the book Healing Light. The author has expressed a profound vision in her poetry and her choice of Indian Mughal art paintings. This gift was and will always be an inspiration as I journey through life. My son Jim was on the United Flight, on his way to Thailand."

    "Thank you for the most inspiring book, Healing Light. The poems are beautiful and the illustrations are also rare, outstanding, and inspiring. The poem "One With You" makes me feel like being in flight because I love to watch birds fly. Our son Tom was a policeman and never made it out. Our other son was the 81st floor when the plane hit. Thank God, he made it out."
    New Jersey

    "You show such wonderful sensitivity to our human plight and chart a luminous path from darkness and pain to peace and enlightenment."

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