from the book Beloved Spirit

On a night when the course

of life is run,

And the heart and the light

at last entwine,

The beauty of all the world

now unfolds

In breathless grace only

faith may define.

In this instant’s bliss,

when innocence thrives,

And stars hang so low as

to touch the heart,

The soul may arise to

reach the divine,

Leaving imprints on earth

as works of art.

At the hour when planets

halt in their path,

To receive the noble and sinner

as one;

The truth of a fortune,

dismal or fine,

Matters not when Heaven’s

kindness is won.

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  • Words of Appreciation

    "I am writing to thank you for the beautiful book, Healing Light. The book made me both smile and cry, because when I opened it, the first page I turned to was "Forever Entwined." The author seemed to put into words the feelings that I hold so very deep in my heart. I always tell people that my husband will be forever in my heart because he is my heart. And although my heart remains broken, it is forever in love with him and only him. Again, thank you so very much for this incredibly beautiful book. We will cherish it always."
    New Jersey

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