from the book Beloved Spirit

Treasure a love that burns so fine

It defies the rule and passage of time;

Deeper than the sea, softer than a song,

Desire sees no fault in rapture sublime.

Like a single white star emerging at night

In the vastness of an immortal joy,

The dream will survive in eternal love,

No human error or death may destroy.

Pure silken threads lace the heavens’ line

In homage to the dying crimson sun;

And the light carries the heart beyond all grief

To a love, undenied, two souls as one.

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  • Words of Appreciation

    "I would like to thank you so much for the beautiful book - everyone loves it! It's people like you that make this world a better place!"
    Brooklyn, New York

    "The more I look at the pages, the deeper I find myself in a meditation of goodness and love. Your book will be a comfort to anyone who opens its cover and finds the Bliss inside."

    "Words can't express how wonderful the book
    you sent us is. I placed it on our piano next to a book about Angels. Thank you so much for thinking of us. It doesn't get easier with time. It just becomes a part of your everyday. Our son Peter was a gift. A wonderful gift."

    New York

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