Garden of Light

from the book Healing Light

May each day of my life

be like a drop of rain

That touches the earth

with no intent to gain.

May my ideals be like roses

in a garden of light

That extend to the sun

with true valor in sight.

May my actions be as bright

as a buttercup of gold

That grows in green fields,

small yet bold.

May my heart be like the pine

in a forest of trees

That stands steady and whole

despite pain that bereaves.

May my soul be like a star

shining aloft in the sky

To radiate beauty and love

beyond the day I die.

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Garden of Light

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  • Words of Appreciation

    "I read two or three pages a night before I close my eyes. Some of the messages in the prose I've read were so profound it was as if they were written for me personally."

    "Thank you for your wonderful gift. Healing Light contains the words I need to speak to Richard and speak about my love for him. My favorite poem, "Forever Entwined," is how I live each day."
    New Jersey

    "Thank you so much for your beautiful book, Healing Light. The visual and verbal combination is truly a work of art. the message "New Resolve" was on the page when I opened the book. I couldn't believe how perfect it was for me."


  • Sounds of Comfort

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