Children of Pain

from the book Heavenly Order

Where goes this

icy dagger

But deep within

my heart,

To cut and tear with

cruel intent

And break my

soul apart?

Where can I find

a refuge

From relentless

searing pain,

When all about are

shreds of truth

I struggle with

in vain?

Where are the drops

of wisdom

To cool my

burning tears?

Perhaps I will only

find them

Through a search of

many years.

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  • Words of Appreciation

    "The pain that my family is suffering at this time is deep, raw and invasive every day. My beloved child Steven was a handsome, competent, successful man, husband, parent, son and sibling. The loss is unimaginable in the prime of his lovely life. You will appreciate that "Children of Pain" has become my daily reading material. Years may soften the blow, but the "icy dagger" will remain a lifetime."
    Washington, DC

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