Heartfelt Testimonials

Heartfelt Testimonials

September 11, 2011
Thank you, and your friend, for the beautiful book of poetry (that I have read and re-read) and the journal.

Humanity is expressed in small acts of human interaction, compassion, and kindness, not just in outpourings of emotion on occasions of remembrance.

It is comforting and inspiring to know that there are people of sensibilities and sensitivity, and compassion.

Alas, they are not in my daily mini-world!

I remain home and sick. Hope to be well enough for an infusion on Thursday (one week later than initially scheduled).

My sincere thanks to you and your friend for your life-affirming kindness and compassion.



On a day
to remember
and not forget
we revert
to self, to patterns set.

We are flawed
in existences
(without hope),
still rushing
lives of limited scope.

No time to spare
to communicate
more than pretense
(in short bursts,
without context).

Despite lives lost,
a world in shock,
mourning found —
time’s still short,
we’re inward bound

Seconds only
needed to greet
and be a friend,
knowing time
is not without end.

(Ten years after
actions without
memory’s prism.)

on our time
or just my world?
(Time for flagging
emotions unfurled.)

Schedules in hand,
self interested
to do lists made…
surrender all
(there’s nothing to save).

  • "By closing your Foundation a little light went out of the world."
    ~James S. Rosebush,